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Surah Yasin,
a Commentary

According to most commentators of the Qur’ān, the content and style of this sūrah confirms that this is undoubtedly a Meccan sūrah which was revealed during the last part of the Prophet’s (pbuh) residence in Mecca. It is the 36th sūrah in the chronological order of the Qur’ān and takes its title from a reference to its opening verse. The sūrah deals essentially with three fundamental themes which lie at the very heart of the Islamic faith: Prophethood, Tawhīd, and the Hereafter. Its primary objective, according to Sayed Qutb, is to establish and entrench the fundamental principles of belief.

As is characteristic of  Meccan surahs, the themes of monotheism and omnipotence are central features. The confirmations and promises made by Allah on oath are replete with the concept of Tawhīd which the revelation sought to entrench.

About this Site

This site forms part of an initiative by the Law and Sharia Consultancy group to promote the research of various issues pertaining to the application of Muslim Personal Law in South Africa.

The consultancy comprises of a number of eminently qualified individuals who are schooled in Shari'a (Islamic law) and South African law. They are also actively engaged in teaching and lecturing the subject at various levels and also regularly contribute articles to various journals on Muslim Personal Law in South Africa and abroad.

Apart from the academic activities that the consultancy is engaged in, it also offers a diverse range of services to the Muslim and non-Muslim public. Amongst the services offered are seminars and weekly lectures on issues of Islamic law, Muslim Personal Law and theology. These seminars and lectures are normally held at the Masjidul Quds complex in Gatesville. Other services are listed below:

  • Pre marital counseling and drafting of marriage contracts.
  • Drafting of Islamic wills and certificate to the Master.
  • Arbitration and reconciliation.
  • Mediation in domestic disputes
  • Translation services from Arabic to English, Urdu to English.
  • Seminars and tuition in Islamic sciences.

As you explore this site it will expose you to the rich tapestry of Islamic law and the Muslims of the Cape. You will also find more detailed information that explains the services we offer. Upon request we will be glad to provide you with additional information. Please feel free to contact us by Email:
or alternatively +27 82 357 2375 if you have any questions, or to arrange for an appointment.


Shouket Allie

Profile of
Shaykh Shouket Allie

Shouket Allie is an advocate of the High Court Of the Republic of South Africa.

Completed the memorization of the Holy Qur'an under the tutorship of the late Imam Shamsudien Ebrahim as well as the Institute of Quranic studies at Al Azahar (Cairo).

Studied classical Islam at Al Azhar University, Cairo.

Obtained his LL.B (Hons.) Degree in Islamic Law & and an LL.B in Anglo Saxon law from the International Islamic University of Pakistan.

Obtained the degree of LL.M from the University of the Western Cape, specialising in Comparative constitutional and family law.

He was also a research fellow with United Nation Development programme for Southern Africa. Research focused upon Islam, Muslim Personal Law and constitutionalism in Sub Saharan Africa.

Researched Muslim Personal law within the context of the colonial period, namely the Dutch and the British. The research was undertaken at the University of Cape Town. The research culminated in various articles which was published.

Delivered papers at various conferences such as The Ford Foundation, The Juta conference, the Miller Du Toit, the MYM conference on Muslim Personal Law.

The shaykh also provides expert evidence to various courts including the Constitutional court of South Africa.

Regularly contribute articles to various International and local academic journals.

Former research assistant to the Dean of the faculty of law at the University of Western Cape

Currently managing a website devoted to the research of South African Family law as well as Muslim Personal law in the context of the South African constitutional dispensation.

Compiled and translated a Commentary of Surah Yasin.