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 Wills, Estates and Inheritance Articles

(The Cow), verses 97-101

What is a Will

A Difficult Inheritance One

A Difficult Inheritance Two

Bumpy road to heaven

Al-Mahmood FAQ


An Intricate case of Inheritance

Author of the Quran does not know Mathematics

Bequest Theory of Dowry

Bibliography on Inheritance

Brothers Continue to Gobble up Sister

Business Transactions, Inheritances, Gifts, Bequests, Vows

Chapter Four Al Nisaa

Childless persons and Property Inheritance

Decisions about Property and Money

Disposing of Property after death


Financial Security and Inheritance Laws in Islam

Financial Security and Inheritance Laws in Islam 2

Financial Security and Inheritance Laws of Women in Islam

Financial Security and Inheritance Laws

isna will

Issues and Questions


Kitaab Faraid

Last Will & Testament

Last Will & Testament 2

Law Awareness - Faraid or Muslim Inheritance Law

lawandpractices in Nigeria

Learn Inheritance in Islamic law

learn The Law of Inheritance in Islam

Muhammad and the Making of Wills

Muslim Responses by Randy Desmond

My Love and My Choice

National Council for Women on inheritance

Non Muslim Childrens Inheritance


Parvez-Video- Quran Laws About Inheritance, Testament- Free Resources

Peculiarities of the law of inheritance

Position Paper on Islamic Inheritance

Property Rights of Indian Women


Quran - Chapter 2_ Surat al-Baqarah (The Cow), verses 97-101

Quranic References regarding Women

Quranic References to Women

Reference to women

Religious and Ethical Issues in Estate Planning

Rights of Beneficiaries in Islamic Life Insurancel

Rules Regarding Wasiyyah

Frequently Asked Questions

Gender and redistribution of Wealth

Guidelines on Preparing one's Will & Testament Islamically

Importance of writing a Will.pdf


Inheritance & Its Distribution in Islam

Inheritance according to Islamic Sharia Law

Gender and redistribution of Wealth

Inheritance and Islamic Law

Gender and redistribution of Wealth

Inheritance and unfair gifts

Inheritance And Wills 1

Inheritance And Wills 2

Inheritance and Women 1

Inheritance and Women 2

Inheritance conflicts

Inheritance in Islam

Inheritance in Ismaili Law

Inheritance Law in Islam and Women

Inheritance Law in Post Tsunami

Inheritance Questions

Inheritance Reform

Inheritance Shares

Inheritance strategies


Isl Law of inheritance in Modern Muslim States

Islamic Inheritance and tax planning

Islamic Law and the colonial British encounter in India

Islamic Law of Inheritance in Modern Muslim States 3

Islamic law of Inheritance in Modern Muslim states

Islamic Law of Inheritance

Islamic Law of Succession and Inheritance

Islamic law pertaining to the wills